Post-Event Reactions To The Strikeforce Nashville Riot

In the aftermath of the riot in the cage that took place after the headline bout at tonight’s Strikeforce: Nashville event a number of the people involved gave their reaction to the incident.

Read more about the incident and watch footage of the brawl here

Jason Mayhem Miller via twitter: “Whoops!”

Jake Shields Post Fight Reaction On CBS: “I really apologize for that. That’s out of my character. He got me when my emotions were running high. He came up in my face, came up talking crap. Unfortunately I pushed him. I over-reacted.”

The Diaz Brothers via Facebook: “For those that people think this sh*t’s a game. Mayhem Miller trying to steal Jake’s spotlight? Walk up on our camp like that? The clown got beat down.”

Gilbert Melendez At The Post-Fight Press Conference: “I want to apologize for that, hopefully CBS will forgive us for that.”

Scott Coker (Strikeforce CEO) At The Post Fight Presser: “It’s not good for our sport. Our sport is in it’s infant stages. It’s just unnecessary.”

UFC President Dana White On Twitter: “:-)”


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