Potential Storm Brewing Over Fedor Emelianenko’s Next Fight

Yesterday there were numerous reports that M-1 Global were in financial difficulties and were shutting down one of their offices in the wake of Fedor Emelianenko’s first loss.

The company have since strongly denied that’s the case, but in the mean time another potential storm is brewing over the Russian fighter’s next fight – the final one on his current contract with strikeforce.

In the immediate aftermath of Fedor’s shock loss to Fabricio Werdum late last month, M-1 Global execs were calling for an immediate rematch with the Brazilian.

Scott Coker however recently told Sherdog.com that he sees things differently and is interested in seeing the Russian face off against current Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem, as had originally been planned had Fedor not lost to Werdum.

What’s particularly intriguing about this is how the dynamic between M-1 Global and Strikeforce appears to have shifted in the space of just one fight.  Whereas previously Coker appeared to bow down to M-1 Global’s demands, it seems that now he feels he can stand his ground.

“We just saw Fedor fight Werdum. I’m not saying we couldn’t do the rematch first,” Coker tells Sherdog.com.  “I’m just saying there are a couple of options on the table and the other option would be to fight Alistair…but until we sit down with M-1, these are all just the options…For me, the times have changed and it’s going to be an interesting negotiation now.

Have M-1 Global really accepted that times have now changed after their bargaining chip – their major clients 10 year unbeaten run in the sport – was devalued overnight though?

An interview carried out by Russian site Sports.Ru with M-1′ co-found Vadim Finkelchtein suggests not.

“We are ready to fight against anyone, but everyone agrees that the most interesting fight right now is the rematch against Fabricio Werdum. We have one fight left on our contract, so if Strikeforce want to extend it – they should listen to our opinion,” Finkelchtein tells the site (Translation by Lowkick.)

Another layer of intrigue to this developing storyline was noted by MMAfighting’s Michael David Smith today.

He points out that since Fedor is not currently the title holder, he is not subject to a ‘champions clause’ which would keep him with the Strikeforce promotion while he still held the belt.

Therefore it’s in Strikeforce’s best interests for him to fight for the title against Overeem so that they can retain his services via the champions clause if he wins.  On the other hand it’s in M-1’s best interests for him to steer clear of a title fight, allowing them to shop Fedor around to other promotions as soon as his final bout with Strikeforce is completed.

So it appears that both parties are currently busy drawing lines in the sand, and it’ll be interesting to see who eventually comes out on top.

Meanwhile Finkelchtein appears to have now opened the door further for Fedor to potentially sign with the UFC at the conclusion of his current contract.

In his interview with Sports.Ru he stated his belief that an agreement with the UFC could be reached, and that they would be willing to back down on their insistence that co-promotion would have to be part of the deal.

Ironically their change of heart comes just as UFC president Dana White appears to have lost interest in signing Fedor, something that at one stage he admitted had become an obsession.

“I’m not interested,” White said at the UFC 116 pre-fight press conference last week. “Now that he [Fedor] loses, they want to say ‘we’ll come over’ because he lost? I’m done playing games.”

If there’s one thing we know about White though it’s that he loves to get one over on his rivals, as he’s proven recently by luring Strikeforce’s middleweight champion Jake Shields to the UFC.

While he might deny it now, if Fedor does win the final fight on his contract with Strikeforce then bringing him into the UFC’s heavyweight mix and depriving his closest rival of their biggest star may prove to be too good an opportunity to miss.


  1. The best bet is for Fedor to fight a rematch with werdum, and when he wins, extend the contract to fight overeem. UFC’s best bet is to sign Fedor as a fight with Fedor and Lesnar would be the biggest fight in MMA history, and I do not see there ever being a bigger fight than that in MMA ever, even in 100 years!!!!!!

  2. i agree they are bringing toney to fight cuz he is talkin sh*t bring fedor and lets see who is really the best heavyweight ever one night and all questions will be answered

  3. if you make that fight happen they will make enough money to pay the fighters and strikeforce people that dont watch mma will watch it let that talkin stop and the fight happen i would pay 500$ to rent that fight i been waiting for ever to see it and its like mayweather pacquiao they will talk about it and it will either never happen or happen when one fights to old and washed up and we will never see the fight of a life time like i said let the talkin stop and the fighting happen one night millions of dollars and the best man standing

  4. Dana White is an absolute f*cking arrogant idiot sometimes. It’s obvious he’s letting his pride get in the way of what would likely be UFC’s best ever signing.

  5. Dana White only signs old and washed up fighters, or fighters that are unknown, he also knows that fedor will destroy lesner! and that would mean ufc goes down the drain, his fighters that faced off against fedor have lost and he cannot handle another defeat. His a lil bitch!

  6. Everyone who knows mma, not just ufc fanboys, but actual mma enthusiasts would love, would bleed to see a Fedor Brock Lesnar fight. The most amazing way for this to happen Fedor would have to rematch Werdum, beat him. Fight Overeem, beat him – finish the contract. Then Dana White would have to do something for the sport and not himself and his ego, and arrange the Lesnar Fedor fight…which would be amazing, epic, fabled….and if Fedor won that fight, his career would be completed. He would be done for history.

  7. I see Fedor doing a rematch, then going over to UFC, there was talk of him going to UFC after this contract is up. He beat werdum which i know he will lol. He just wont go to the ground again, he will just knock his ass out. Unfortunatly IF fedor does end up in the UFC he wont get to take the title from pos Lesnar. BUT will be fun to watch him beat lesnars ass just for shits and grins… and whats funny is lesnar lost to STRIKING cuzz lesnar sucks if he cant take you down… fedor is way above cain in striking and hits tons harder. so i due hope fedor doesnt retire and goes to the UFC.

  8. I stumbled on this trying to see when Fedor and his “promoters” were up to since the loss to Verdum. Really, the best option is a re-match – Really? What a slap in the face to Verdum. I thought it was going to be a Overeem/Verdum Championship.

    What happened to that? All the Fedor fans want the re-match because they are still in disbelief. What do you expect when Fedor has been ducking the top competition for years. Be honest with yourself, fighting people released from the UFC like Tim Sylvia. You may be able to make a living doing that, but he ducked enough competition while they were in their prime – who cares if he fights Randy now?

    M-1 is pushing a re-match because Overeem will knock him out. Could you imagine a 2 fight loss in a row. M1 knows that will happen and doesn’t want to risk this as well. Fedor doesn;t want that either. Yes, Fedor was the best heavyweight in the world outside of the UFC. Although the UFC heavyweight division was suspect, he never crossed over to prove he was the best. Like most fighters, they found out they were overrated against the UFC competition. At this time, Fedor wolud have trouble winning 2 fights versus the top 5 heavyweights. I am so sure of that, I would wager my trailer on it.

  9. Lol! It’s all about money! It could go either way. Depends on who shows up on both sides. Both are skilled. Fedor is a more rounded fighter. Lesnar prob. has a better takedown game. Wouldn’t wanna fight either of em!

  10. You know Fedor is still undefeated in K-1 and Dana White is a f&ggot I stopped watching UFC after I first saw K-1, K-1 is all stand up and techinque no ground waiting game, I bet my life if they fought again Fedor would end the match in less than 30 seconds. Because if you look at his first loss and then the rematch Fedor stomped him.

  11. Im going to clear this up real quick for all these retards that call it “ducking” the ufc…
    two OBVIOUS reasons why he didnt go
    1) Dana wasn’t going to pay him NEARLY as much as he was getting paid… would you go to a different job if they offered you less money? No because only a fucking numpty would do something like that
    and 2) White wanted FULL rights.. this means no sambo competitions for fedor… which is originally what he wanted to do… and if you think a rematch is a slap in the face to werdum you obviously did not watch the fight… he was getting DOMINATED… straight clowned… so untill you watch a couple fights and do a little more research stop running your mouth if you have nothing intelligent to say…


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