Primetime: Lesnar Vs Velasquez Episode 2 Draws 1.1 Million

UFC and Spike TV execs will be in a good mood today after finding out that not only did TUF 12 episode 5 pull in it’s best ratings of the season so far, but UFC Primetime: Lesnar Vs Velasquez Episode 2 also showed a ratings improvement.

Last night’s episode of the show which focuss on the fighter’s in the weeks leading up to their title fight at UFC 121 on October 23rd pulled in 1.1 million viewers on Spike TV, up over a million from the previous weeks debut.

In doing so it became the first Primetime show to gain viewers in it’s second episode, and fell only 100,000 short of equaling the best ever ratings for the show which came for the first episode of Primetime: Rampage Vs Evans earlier this year.

A similar or improved rating in next week’s final episode would bode well for the pay-per-view buy rate for UFC 121. Lesnar’s last PPV outing against Shane Carwin at UFC 116, which did not feature a Primetime show at Lesnar’s request, produced a buy-rate in excess of 1,000,000 confirming him as the UFC’s most bankable star.


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