Proof That Josh Koscheck Was Hit By Paul Daley’s Knee

Before Paul Daley sucker punched Josh Koscheck at the end of their UFC 113 bout it was his opponent who appeared to be stepping into the role of the ‘villain’.

In the first round replay evidence suggested that Koscheck had faked being hit with an illegal knee to the face while on the ground. The fighter was widely criticized for his actions at the time, with even the referee and UFC president Dana White questioning whether he had in fact been deliberately trying to get Daley into trouble.

After the fight Koscheck continued to state that he had been hit by something, though he wasn’t sure whether it was a knee or a fist.

Now new footage of the incident shows that he was in fact hit by Daley’s knee – but not the left one as had been originally thought, it was in fact the right one which came just moments earlier.

Look carefully at the footage below to see the moment the knee connects.

So Koscheck is now free from any blame in this particular incident.  Luckily no major damage was done and it had no major effect on the outcome of the fight which he went on to win by decision to set up a title fight with GSP later in the year.


  1. Still don’t see where hes getting hit?
    He also cried like a little bitch and tried to milk the situation. KOS I still hate you. War GSP.

  2. No, when you have people like Matt Hughes taking a full contact low-blow and not even complaining (back at UFC 52), you don’t act the way Koscheck did.

    Daley was embarrasing and deserved to be let go, but Josh doesn’t deserve a title shot based on that. I’ve just watched that clip for the past few minutes, and the foot barely grazes Josh’s hair.

  3. “Hater” – what an appropriate nickname.

    I have no axe to grind here. I’m not a fan of Josh Koscheck and I do think he overplays incidents like these, but if you look carefully at his momentum as he comes forward in the clip you’ll see that he moves forward, and his face hits Daley’s right knee (you can clearly see his head move back as he hits it).


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