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Quinton Rampage Jackson Not Happy With The UFC Again

In April it appeared that the feud between Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and the UFC (and in particular Dana White) was finally over as the fighter signed a new six fight contract with the promotion.

Alas just a month later Rampage has admitted he still has issues with the company and had been reluctant to sign the new deal.

“My manager wanted me to work things out and stuff like that,” Rampage tells FightersOnly magazine in a new interview. “It’s still hard dealing with the UFC now. If I had my way, I still would be retired and doing my thing. I want to promote my own show. I want to be like (Oscar) De La Hoya. I don’t need the UFC banner. I don’t need the way they don’t want you to make money. They stop your afterparties or your sponsors. Man, let us make money.”

Last year when he was threatening to retire from the sport altogether after pulling out of a fight to take on the role of B.A. Baracus in the new A-Team movie, Rampage talked about his belief that the UFC doesn’t respect the fighters who made them famous, and it seems that’s still an issue for him.

“The UFC ain’t did it with just their name. Like I said before: You put two UFC symbols in the cage, see how many pay-per-views they get. Let the two UFC symbols fight each other. But people don’t know. People don’t understand. It’s not all about your name, the UFC. It’s about the characters that’s in it. It’s about the people that’s inside the Octagon. There’s a whole package deal; they don’t realize. They can keep making new fighters and stuff like that, but some people can’t be emulated.”

Jackson’s outspoken views ahead of his main event fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 114 later this month could re-open old wounds with UFC president Dana White, but that doesn’t appear to be something that the fighter is going to lose any sleep over.

“I don’t care if the UFC don’t like what I say or not. For years, I fought in UFC and didn’t agree with a lot of stuff and I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t say nothing. It’s hard to keep your mouth shut when people keep stepping on you. I can only take so much. I still say the UFC has a lot of good qualities and stuff like that. … (But) right away, we tried to work on our relationship and right away they messed things up. Already I’m not happy with them again.”

Watch Jackson’s full interview with FightersOnly below.

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