Quinton Rampage Jackson: Three Part Audio Interview

In his first recorded interview since his public falling out with the UFC, Quinton Rampage Jackson has given a blunt and forthright account to mmabay.co.uk of how he feels about the organization, while also confirming that he will return to the Octagon in 2010.

Key Notes On His Comeback:

  • He has three fights left on his contract.
  • At this stage he has no intention of signing on for more fights after his current deal is over.
  • He wants to fight Rashad Evans first, whether his rival wins or loses his upcoming fight with Thiago Silva.
  • April / May is when he next expects to fight, though he has had no confirmation as yet.

Jackson also notes a laundry list of complaints he has with the UFC, much of which appears to revolve around a perceived lack of respect, and a general feeling of being taken advantage of.

He makes it clear throughout that though he is returning, the bad blood between himself and Dana White, along with others in the organization, is not yet over.

Take a listen to the full 30 minute interview below.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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