Rachelle Leah Returns To Her Ring-Girl Role Tonight At UFC 111

If you were paying close attention to the UFC 111 weigh-ins you’ll have noticed that former UFC ring-girl Rachelle Leah was back.

“It feels like home, it feels great,” she told Fight! Magazine“Did you see the crowd (at the weigh-ins)?  That was insane.  I was talking to Joe (Rogan), I was saying when I started at UFC 48 there was nobody at the weigh-ins.  There was a few people here and there – now it’s crazy.  Lines out the building, down the wall, it’s nice.”

Sadly it’s not a permanent return for Rachelle who also fronted the popular ‘All Access’ series during her time in the promotion, but it turns out that she is not returning for just one night.

“They asked me to come back for an appearance here, and I’m also going to do the Abu Dhabi fight as well because I’m super excited about going overseas…I actually have never been overseas with the UFC before.”

Leah, who appeared on the cover of Playboy after leaving the UFC, also hints that there may be a new MMA show in the works which she will be involved with.

“I’ve got some good stuff going on with Bud Lite(who sponsor the UFC) soon.  We’re gonna recreate something similar to All Access meets 24/7, so that’s something that’s in the works – stay tuned.”


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