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Rampage Claims Fox Threatened To Sue Him If He Lost To Evans

In the post-fight press conference for UFC 114, Rampage Jackson indicated that there was a lot of additional pressure on him for his fight with Rashad Evans due to his upcoming movie release, “The A-Team” which appears in cinemas in just two weeks time.

“I never had any pressure like this in my whole fighting career. Me having this damn movie. I kind of almost regret doing the damn movie and stuff now.”

Perhaps not the ideal comments to be making just as your about to leave on a promotional tour for the film, but Rampage went one step further with what he said next.

“Fox kind of threatened to sue me if I lost cause they didnt know I was fighting. There was a whole bunch of pressure,” he revealed.

“I’m a fighter.I tried to go into a whole new adventure. I didn’t even know about a tour and stuff with movies. I had no idea I had to do this stuff. It was very stressful. I’m just so happy this part is over and when i finish the tour with this movie, I’ll be happy with that. I can go home and hang out with my kids and relax at the house.”

Whether his allegations regarding 20th Century Fox are true or not, the remarks are unlikely to be welcomed by the movie studio.

It’s worth noting that after he finished speaking Dana White leaned over and said something privately to the fighter. While he refused to reveal what he had said later it would not be surprising if the UFC president was advising Rampage to be careful about what he was saying.

It’s clear that Rampage was still coming to terms with his disappointment over the outcome of the fight, and his last thoughts on the matter suggested that he was unsure exactly what the future held for him.

“I don’t know, I gotta make decisions. Cause it looks like it’d be hard to do both if you’re taking time off and fighting guys like the caliber of guys here in the UFC. People were saying you need a warmup fight before you fight Rashad. There are no warmup fights in the UFC. I gotta think about which one I want to do.”

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