Rampage Jackson And Rashad Evans Post-Fight Reactions

After defeating Rampage Jackson in one of the UFC’s biggest ever grudge matches, Rashad Evans talked to Joe Rogan about his strategy for the fight.

“The gameplan was simple, it was just not to have a gameplan at all. Just know what I do well, know what he doesn’t do well, and stay out of positions I’m not too good at,” he revealed.

Evans had the upper-hand for much of the fight, but in the third he looked in serious danger after being dropped by Rampage.

“I went numb for a little bit,” he admits, “but that’s what happens sometimes.”

He survived Rampage’s assault though, and though he’s thankful that it’s over, he isn’t going to rule out the possibility of a rematch.

“It’s a huge relief. Me and Quinton wanted to put on a good show, and you know what if he want to do it again, I’d love to fight him again.”

Meanwhile, despite the war of words that occurred before the fight, Jackson remained dignified in defeat, and even had a few complementary words about his rival.

“I tried my best, Rashad is really tough I can tell he worked really hard, he was faster than I anticipated. He was the man here today.”

As for what went wrong, it’s not surprising that he points to the 15 months he had spent away from fighting as the root of his problems.

“I guess ring rust is a factor,” he acknowledged. “(The weight loss) was a lot of stress on me but I looked and felt good. It wasn’t factor in the fight.”

As you would expect Rampage is now calling for a rematch, though he’ll have to wait as Evans now moves on to a a title fight with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.


  1. i thought the fight was really boring.i was really excited to watch it , until it turned into a hugging war against cage people pay alot of money to see people fight! this is mixed martial arts not wrestling or just boxing yall no where im going with that, but bottom line is the ppv shouldnt be 50 or 60 dollars theres no garuantee that its worth that much.dana whites raggin on anderson silva for beatin the hell outa miah and not finishing it “its not what the fans want to see” well i dont want to see grown men huggin. there should be more free fights than ppv so fighters cant get ring rust it can happen to anyone fighting once a year!

  2. First off Dana was pissed at Silva (one of my favorites) because he wasn’t taking the fight seriously, was disrespecting the other fighter, and being an all around douche bag during and after the fight. Having said that I believe the Evans/Jackson fight was more than entertaining. Both fighters played to their own individual strengths and at the same time prevented themselves from falling victim to their weaknesses. Rampage knew he couldn’t wind up on the ground (that’s why they wound up against the fence so much) and when he did he knew he had to get up as fast as he could. Evens knew that going toe to toe (even though he was faster) could ultimately give Jackson the advantage so he stayed in motion and tried to take him down when ever the opportunity came about. Both fighters showed amazing skill, strategy, and athleticism ending in an excellent fight. Most people (at the bar I was at) were either to drunk or just wanted to see some redneck brawl ending in a knock out and felt like they didn’t get what they deserved. MMA fighting is not as superficial as people make it out to be. These fighters train hard and with the help of their teams develop the best strategy to take home the win. All in all I was more then impressed with UFC 114’s main fight card even though some of the fighters I picked didn’t pull through.

    And Bisping being the crazy Brit he is, took the kick to the nuts like a champ

  3. Post game anti-White comments by MMA “flash in the pan”fighter Quinton “Rampage” Jackson were uncalled for because Cheik Kongo was knocked out on his feet. The referee was prepared to stop the fight because Pat Barry was relaxed momentarily giving Kongo a lucky punch, one in a million chance that connected.

    Once again, one of the sportscasters simply asked Jackson if he thought that due to Kongo’s condition, if he thought the referee should have stopped the fight prior to Kongo’s lucky punch victory.

    This is the point when Rampage Jackson verbally attacked one of the three Caucasian announcers, shouting “Why would you ask me that, Now why would you ask me that?” Rampage Jackson is a classless bum.


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