Rampage Jackson Calls Out Rapper ‘The Game’

Rapper ‘Game’ (formerly ‘The Game’), may have bitten off more than he can chew after dissing UFC star Rampage Jackson over his role as B.A Baracus in The A-Team.

Game was also auditioned for the part, and claims that he would have done a better job than the MMA fighter.

“He couldn’t f**k with me. No disrespect to Rampage, but my dude Rashad Evans whupped that a**,” Game told AllHipHop.com. “When he had that UFC fight against Rashad Evans and he lost, I felt like that was me [winning]. ‘Don’t you know n***a? I play Mr. T (A-Team character ‘B.A. Baracus’) better than you! I pity the fool!’ I went in there [the audition] and I killed the Mr. T role on my screen test.”

Needless to say Rampage wasn’t too pleased when fightersonlymagazine relayed the news to him today, and indicated that actions speak louder than words.

“You can tell The Game this: if he wants to battle me, I can battle him. Here’s what we can do – we can do a freestyle [rap] battle against each other , see who wins. Then we can act off against each other, see who wins. Then he can get in the motherf*ckin’ cage with me and we’ll see who wins. For real, tell The Game I said that, I am for real. I will step in his world if he will step in mine,” he said.

Both men are no strangers to feuds.  Game was once shot five times before he became famous while working as a drug dealer, and is well known for his rivalries with other rappers.

Meanwhile, despite fighting in the octagon just two weeks ago, it appears that Rampage and his UFC rival Rashad Evans haven’t settled their differences and are still involved in a war of words on twitter.

If this current feud does develop then one word of advice for Game would be to make sure and do the rapping battle first as he might be drinking his food through a straw after they step into the cage together!