‘Rampage’ Jackson Unhappy With His Portrayal On The Ultimate Fighter

Though he has announced his retirement from Mixed Martial Arts, Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson still has a very visible presence in the UFC as one of the coaches in the current series of The Ultimate Fighter.  Unfortunately for the star, who is currently playing the role of B.A. Baracus in a Hollywood remake of ‘The A-Team’, his coaching ability and techniques have been ridiculed as his team has so far failed to win a fight.

After episode five was aired in the United States on Wednesday Jackson posted a blog on his own site putting forward his side of the story.  Here’s some quotes from it, you can read the whole post at his own website here (you have to register to view it).

I just wanted to blog about the T.U.F. show so people can get an understanding of where I’m coming from. They edited the show to make me look like I didn’t care about my team, but as you can clearly see I was coaching against a T.U.F. show champion (Rashad) and he came from the Ultimate Fighter so he knows how to play the camera and be fake.”

“Rashad acts so fake and cocky and he wants to act like he cares more about my fighter than I do and brag about how he’s a better coach than I am. But I tried to explain to him that I’m not a coach and I won’t be coaching after my fighting career, like he might. So as the fights go on and I end up losing a couple fights in a row, I grew more pissed and I let it get to me. So, the whole time Rashad was being a dick and cocky, I just talked to them back in the locker room, in private. Rashad thought the show was about him, about how good of a coach he could be and how fake he could be. But I knew what it was all about.”

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