Rampage Jackson Wants To Whoop Matt Hamill’s Ass At UFC 130

In his UFC 130 pre-fight interview former light-heavyweight champion Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is leaving little doubt about what he wants to do to his opponent Matt Hamill.

“I’m gonna try to do to Matt Hamill what I try to do to all my opponents – whoop his ass,” Rampage says matter-of-factly. “There’s not one doubt in my mind that I can whoop Matt Hamill.”

Jackson is just as certain about what he thinks Hamill will be looking to do in the headline attraction at the May 28th show.

“In the fight, I’m pretty sure he’s got some great gameplan. Matt Hamill basically wants to take me down. He’s already said that I can’t stop his takedowns. It’s already telling me something right there.”

While ‘Rampage’s’ motivation is often questioned at this stage in his career, he insists that he is up for this fight despite Hamill not being his No.1 choice as an opponent.

“Matt Hamill thinks that I’m going to take him lightly…he was mistaken this time. I’m training really hard. My coach won’t let me take my opponent’s lightly.”

And Jackson reveals that it’s his desire to add another KO to his already impressive highlight reel that’s driving him on as fight night approaches.

“I like to finish people, I want a devastating finish. That’s what I want, so I’m very motivated for this fight.”

Watch Rampage’s full interview below.


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