Rampage Jackson’s Desire To Entertain Could Prove Costly Against Machida

On November 20th Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson will take on Lyoto Machida in the main event of UFC 123, but coming off what he describes as a, “boring” decision loss to Rashad Evans it’s not the fight the former champion wanted.

The reason for that is that Jackson has never been a fan of Machida’s unique fighting style.  In fact for the past two years he’s not hesitated to criticize Machida’s unique fighting style.

“Lyoto is a weird fighter,” Jackson said back in February of 2009. “He’s kind of boring. I think that style works for him, the way he makes people run after him. I mean, he’s good, he’s undefeated, but he’s boring. If I was the promoter of a show I wouldn’t have guys like that fighting on my show.”

Despite his reluctance to fight the Brazilian the UFC have finally convinced him to take on the fight, but in a new interview with Fighters Only he reveals that he was even willing to move up a weight class to avoid what he fears will be another less than exciting fight.

“I was even willing to fight at heavyweight, someone who is going to bang. At the end of the day, me, I really don’t care if I win or lose, my main thing is a good fight,” he says.

Now the 32 year-old, perhaps best known for his three action-packed wars with Wanderlei Silva in PRIDE and the UFC fears that he’s heading into what in his mind could be a lose-lose scenario.

“I don’t know what kind of fighter I am gonna be on the night – am I gonna play it safe just to get the win or am I gonna be the normal fighter that I am and look to make the fight exciting?”

Hardly ideal thoughts to be running through your mind just three weeks before the fight.  If Rampage wins the fight then he could be thrown straight back into the title mix, while a loss would be a major blow, leaving him 2-2 in the past two years.

Putting on an ‘exciting’ fight could spell disaster for him given that Machida has made career out of beating opponents who come straight forward aggressively at him.  Rampage is undoubtedly aware of that, but whether he can curb his entertainer instincts remains to be seen.


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