Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson didn’t put on the show he wanted to for the Japanese fans at UFC 144, but despite a convincing loss to Ryan Bader the former light-heavyweight champion has vowed that his fighting career is far from over.

Check out the keynotes from Rampage’s post-fight chat with Ariel Helwani below and scroll down to watch it for yourself.

– Rampage wasn’t so much disappointed with the loss so much as the way he lost.

He admits he had gone into the fight believing there was a good chance he would lose due to the injuries he sustained during his training camp.

In particular Rampage reveals that it was a knee injury occured during wrestling practice that hampered his training, and the problem flaired up again during the fight after he slammed Ryan Bader.

He says that the weight cut the day before took a lot out of him and so he didn’t have a lot left in him during the fight and was basically just trying to survive.

– Despite his own problems Rampage states that he was “very impressed” with Bader, saying that he hits hard and has a quick jab. He believes Bader’s on his way to becoming a great fighter.

– Rampage does want to keep fighting and says he wishes people could have seen how well he was doing in training before he got injured as he was doing things he’d never done before. He admits it all went downhill fast however after he injured his knee.

– Ideally he’d like a warm-up fight next to “get my mind right” as he points out that this is the first time in his career he’s lost two fights in a row.

He still believes he has a couple of years of fighting still in him and vows, “I ain’t going out like this.

– He praises the Japanese fans and says they gave him a big boost with their support and helped him get through the fight.

He says he did the slam on Bader specifically for the fans who’ve been asking for him to do it for some time now, and though it cost him a lot of energy he was happy to oblige.

Watch the full interview below courtesy of MMAfighting.com.


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