Randy Couture Critical Of Judges; Feels Machida Beat Rampage

Randy Couture’s interest in competing may be fading as his Hollywood career takes off, but his passion for the sport remains just the same.

In a new interview with ESPN Radio 1100 Couture discusses his frustration with judging in the sport, pointing to the controversial split decision loss Lyoto Machida suffered against Rampage Jackson at UFC 123.

“I think it’s a huge issue,” Couture admits. “It’s a lot different than judging boxing, and unfortunately a bunch of the judges have transferred over from boxing, and they don’t understand a lot of the intricacies in our sport – who’s controlling the tempo of a fight, who’s actually technically scoring.”

Speaking specifically about Machida Vs Rampage it’s clear that the UFC hall-of-famer disagrees with the result.

“I think that they see some superficial things like Rampage moving forward the whole time in that fight, and they attribute that to him winning those rounds, and I think technically that’s not what was happening.”

Some have pointed to Machida’s overly cautious fighting style as the real problem, but though Couture agrees to an extent he also feels that the standard of judging has to be looked at.

“In some way’s you control you’re own destiny too – put it on the line, take the risk, don’t leave it in the judges hands…but I think there has to be some sort of education program or certification program for these judges to get them up to speed on the criteria and what they are looking at to judge these fights.”

Having been fighting for much of the sports existence Couture offers one final assessment of how the judging now compares to back when he first started.

“It’s still way better than it was, but we’ve still got a ways to go,” he says.

Listen to Couture’s full comments on the subject below.


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