Randy Couture Reflects On Final Fight With Lyoto Machida

Randy Couture made his final bow in the Octagon at UFC 129 at the end of April after a long and decorated career, but unfortunately he wasn’t able to end with a win, losing by KO to Lyoto Machida.

A couple of weeks down the line Couture has been taking time to reflect on it with MMA30’s Dave Farra, and he reveals that the after-effects of Machida’s flying front kick are still taking there toll.

“I had a rough day yesterday,” Couture says, smiling ruefully. “I got the teeth fixed yesterday – five and a half hours in the dentist chair. My lips still a little swollen, I still feel as if I’m talking a little funny, but it’s temporarily fixed now and the real bridge comes in in a week and we’ll be back up and running.”

Couture holds no ill-feelings towards Machida though, and in fact it turns out that the two have spoken since.

“He called me a couple of days later, went out of his way, with his translator, to call me and check on me, make sure everything was ok. He’s just a very classy guy.”

Before, during and after the fight Couture was cheered on by a record-breaking 55,000 fans in attendance at the Rogers Centre, and even with his vast experience in the sport the 47 year-old admits it was something special.

“It was a little surreal. It doesn’t kind of sink in when it’s happening and you kinda sit back and reflect on it later. It was an amazing experience.”

Check out the video below for the full interview, plus the thoughts of several other fighters close to Couture, including his son Ryan, Tyson Griffin, Frank Mir and Mike Pyle.


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