Randy Couture Says James Toney Fight Likely To Be At Heavyweight

Though it’s still not officially been signed yet, Randy Couture Vs James Toney is as good as set for UFC 118 in August.

In a new interview with mma-30.com’s Dave Farra, Couture reveals that the bout will require him to move back up a weight class.

“It was going to be a catchweight at 220(lbs) and then now it sounds like that has changed.  It’s basically going to be a heavyweight fight,” he says.

Though he’s only recently moved back down to 205lbs himself Couture has won both the light-heavyweight and heavyweight belts multiple times during his UFC career and so it’s not something that appears to concern him.

“I don’t really care.  I said that all along, I don’t really care what weight class it is.  He’s not a big guy.  It’s not like we’re looking at a Brock Lesnar, or Carwin or Velasquez, or one of those guys that’s huge, and that size becomes a huge factor in your training camp.”

“He wants it to be around 220, he’s going to shoot for 220 it sounds like, but it doesn’t sound like he wants to be locked into that as a catchweight so, whatever he weighs, it doesn’t matter.  He’s walking around at 235, he’s not a big guy.”

Watch Couture’s full interview, which includes his thoughts on the Shogun – Machida title fight, below.


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