Randy Couture UFC 129 Post-Fight Interview

Randy Couture’s illustrious MMA career came to a sudden end at the weekend when he was KO’d by a flying front kick from Lyoto Machida.

A visit to the hospital for a check-up after the fight meant that Couture wasn’t available backstage later that evening to give his thoughts on his final performance in the Octagon, but luckily the next day The Fight Network were able to talk to the hall-of-famer.

While there will undoubtedly be some disappointment at the outcome, the 47 year-old admitted that he what he feels most strongly at this moment is an entirely different emotion.

“I’m relieved,” Couture said. “This was a decision that’s been a long time coming now, and I’m kind of relieved it’s over.”

As for the fight itself, Couture says he had a tough time dealing with the Brazilian’s well documented evasive style.

“He’s elusive, he’s hard to catch up with. The times I got my hands on him he was very sweaty, he was kind of slippery. He slipped out and I didn’t really get a good grip on him.”

And with regards to the fight-ending kick, Couture confesses that he didn’t even know what hit him.

“I didn’t see the kick at all. He a lot of times starts a left kick and then follows with a straight punch, and I’d seen that combination a lot in training. I’d never seen him do that particular set-up starting with a left kick and finishing with a right kick anywhere in any of his films, so it was a different deal.”

His UFC career inside the Octagon may now be over, but Couture will always be a part of the sport, and it seems he may still have some sort of role to play in the UFC in the future.

“I don’t know what we’re going to do. We’ll see. We’ve been talking to them for a little while. We’ll see how it all shakes out.”

Watch the full interview below.

Fight News: Randy Couture on Loss to Lyoto Machida from TheFightNetwork on Vimeo.

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