Just when it looked like the controversy over Rashad Evan’s recent comments had blown over the former champion has once again taken a dig at the UFC over their handling of his forthcoming title shot.

Last week Evans voiced his frustrations to ESPN about the length of time he was having to wait for his fight with Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua.

A bewildered Dana White then held ‘clear the air’ talks with the former TUF season 2 winner and later stated, “We’re cool.” With the UFC president confirming that Evans Vs Shogun now looked to be on course for March, 2011, it appeared that everything was back to normal.

Apparently not though as in a new interview with ProMMARadio Evans is now taking things one step further by claiming that he feels the UFC brass doesn’t want him to become the champion again.

“…sometimes it seems to me like they’re not wanting me to fight for the belt. Maybe that could just be me being paranoid but I’m like okay, if that’s the case then just let me know, you know, and I won’t fight for the belt. If the belt is about controlling who gets it or controlling who’s getting an opportunity then it loses all its authenticity to me anyway. So I just won’t even ever ask to fight for it. That’s where that comment was coming from. It was coming from like, oh so if this is something that is controlled by the UFC and if it’s not a favoritism thing then let me fight and let me get a chance to fight your champion. If it’s about them not wanting me to be champion or giving me an opportunity to try to be champion then I’m like, you know what if I’m not going to get the opportunity then I’d just rather not even, you know I won’t never ask to ever fight for the belt again because the belt would mean nothing to me because it’s not based on who’s the best, it’s about politics.”

There’s certainly more than a little paranoia on display here – let’s not forget that he’s already had a title shot and become champion, had a high profile coaching role on TUF opposite Rampage and then given another title shot after just two straight wins following his loss to Machida.

Not exactly the career path of a fighter that’s been held back by the UFC.

At the same time the fact that the UFC does have a less than scientific approach to choosing who fights for the title helps breed this kind of attitude. The fact that a fighter likeJon Fitch for example is continually overlooked for a title shot despite having a remarkable 13-1 record in the octagon proves that it’s not always about who’s best.

Evans Should count his blessings though. He’s not in the same situation as Fitch, but if he continues down his current path of taking pot-shots at the UFC in the press he’ll certainly not be helping his cause further down the line.

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