Rashad Evans Pays Tribute To Chuck Liddell

Former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, the first man to ever KO Chuck Liddell has been paying his respects to the legendary fighter on twitter after “The Iceman” went out on his shield against Rich Franklin in what’s likely to have been his last ever fight.

“As a fighter u always hope 2 have that one last amazing fight in u.. There is nothing like the feeling coming off of a big win. There is No drug that gets u that high.. And as I fighter we all chase that feeling like a junkie chases their next high.. 2 b totally present is Amazing! To go out like Chuck is like Scarface going out in the movie.. Not everybody has the balls 2 lay it on the line like him.”

Later he noted that in the history of the sport Liddell would be right up their with the best of them.

“he has got to be top 2 or 3 behind Royce or Randy Couture IMO..” said the fighter who is currently the No.1 contender in the 205lb division.

Evans also paid tribute to Franklin who he knows well from his time on The Ultimate Fighter.

“respect 2 Rich! He was everything 2 me during TUF2! I’m happy 4 him.. The beauty of this fight was that both fighters were at the point in their career.. If either one of them wouldve won there wouldve been the same response as far as retiring..”


  1. Watched the fight. Looked like Franklin had that “oh sh__, what have I got myself into” look on his face. Got a lucky blow in at the last moment of the 1st round. Chuck was getting too impatient. Should have backed off but that isn’t who he is. Chucks still my all time favorite. Bad to the Bone. Of any fighter I’ve watched over the years he’s the one I’d most like to have on my side in a tough situation. Nobody compares in my humble opinion. With Franklin’s broken arm, who knows, he may not have answered the bell for the second round. So close…………………

  2. I though Rich Franklin said it best at the post-fight press conference when he mentioned that if they had the same fight 10 times it would end 10 different ways.

    I think that’s true, it was a very competitive bout before the KO punch.

    I think Franklin would come out on top more often though just because Liddell is all offense and no defense which isn’t the best strategy when your chin’s gone.

    He’s still a legend though – a born fighter who’s as fearsome as he is fearless.


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