Rashad Evans Says Rampage Blew His Chance To Win The Fight

Speaking after earning a title shot against Shogun Rua, former champion Rashad Evans told RawVegas that his rival Rampage Jackson had missed out on an opportunity to emerge victorious in their fight.

After having been second best for much of the fight, In the final round Rampage appeared to rock Evans, sending him to the canvas and then following up with a barrage of ground and pound strikes. With the referee looking closely at the situation it appeared as if the fight was only moments from being stopped.

Here’s Evans recollection of the incident.

“Yeah, he definitely had his chance and blew it. You know… I was definitely on queer street there,” Evans admits.  “I was kind of… I was a little bit out of it for a second but you know I was in great shape and it helped me recover really fast and it seemed like at one point like he had me and then he stopped throwing punches and I was like, oh cool, he stopped throwing punches, and then it gave me a chance to recover for myself.”

That’s very much how it looked to my eyes as well.  Whether it was just due to running out of gas, or due to a simple error of judgment, Rampage briefly took his foot of the accelerator and allowed Evans to regain his senses.

At the post-fight press conference Rampage said that this loss would haunt him, and it may well be his failure to finish decisively in that pivotal moment  that will be replaying over in his mind for some time to come.

Check out more of Evans interview below.

Watch Rashad Evans: Rampage Jackson Blew It on RawVegas.tv


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