Reagan Penn Apologizes For Poor Performance At ProElite 2

Reagan Penn failed to live up to the high expectations placed on him last night at ProElite 2, finding himself dominated by young, up-and-coming fighter Evan Cutts.

The first round of the fight was fairly competitive, but by early in the second Penn was showing a similar trait to his famous brother BJ Penn by beginning to show the tell-tale signs of running out of gas.

That allowed the well conditioned Cutts to gain a clear advantage and he went on to outgrapple the BJJ expert for the rest of the fight.

Afterwards Penn released a statement on his brother’s website, apologizing directly for what he described as ‘disrespecting the sport.’  Read the full message below.

“I would like to let all the fans know that I’m gonna give it one more shot. Congratulations to Evan Cutts, he kicked my ass pretty good tonight. There were some things that went on in my training camp but I am not here to make any excuses. I could have done more, I was being stubborn and thought I could walk through this fight by half ass’ing it but now I know what it’s like when you’re in there and you feel like you can’t hold your arms up.

I disrespected the sport a little bit, but sometimes the best wake up call is getting your ass kicked. I promise my fans, friends and family that I will never let this happen again. Expect me back and better than ever in 2012.”


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