Reassurance To Visitors About The Google ‘Attack Site’ Warning

If you’ve visited the site today you may be confronted by a warning from Google that we are considered an “attack site” and aren’t safe to visit.

We are fully aware of the situation and have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that there’s no danger to anyone visiting the site.

We have established that it’s a set of adverts that are delivered to by a third party that were at the source of the problem according to a google report, and we’ve already removed them entirely from the site for the time being just to be on the safe side (the ads you see now are unrelated to this issue).

However, due to the fact that another well-known MMA site has encountered the same problem in the past with the same ad service, along with reports from other websites who’ve experienced a similar situation, we believe that this is most likely a ‘false positive’ situation where google has mistakenly believed there’s a problem with one of the adverts when there actually isn’t.

As I said earlier though, the adverts in question have been removed so either way it’s no longer an issue. The company who host our site have also scanned the site and confirmed there’s no malware present.

Unfortunately it may take a day or two before the warning sign goes away due to the way Google works, but in the mean time it’s going to be business as usual here.

Apologies to everyone for the inconvenience and thanks for bearing with us!

Update: We’ve now been given a clean bill of health by Google and the warning has been removed.


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