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TUF Brazil 4 finalists Reginaldo Vieria and Glaico Francabecame the latest ‘Ultimate Fighters’ tonight on the UFC 190 main card in the bantamweight and lightweight divisions respectively.

Dileno Lopes Vs Reginaldo Vieira:

The first final in the bantamweight division saw a frantic first round between Lopez and Vieira as they went to war with wild striking exchanges and each having to battle through multiple guillotine chokes attempts.

Somehow both men made it out of that round and the action slowed considerably in the second, though Vieira looked a bit lighter on his feet than his opponent at this stage in the fight. Lopes did lands some solid kicks to the body as the round progressed though and secured a takedown in the final minute, though wasn’t able to do much with it.

Vieira still looked fresh in the third and was landing solid low kicks. Mid-way through the round Lopes seemed to get a second wind and pressed forward with strikes before securing a takedown. The action then stalled until he once again sunk in a guillotine choke. Vieira was also bleeding from a cut to his head, but managed to escape and emerged on top landing solid ground and pound, while Lopez was striking from his back too as they finished the round.

So, a close, gritty fight overall between these two, but there could only be one winner and it was Reginaldo Vieria who got the nod from all three judges (29-28, 30-27 x2) to become the TUF Brazil 4 ‘Ultimate Fighter’ in the bantamweight division.

Fernando Bruno Vs Glaico Franca:

There wasn’t a whole lot of action in the opening round of the lightweight final Bruno and Franca aspent a significant spell clinching against the cage, but Franca did complete a few takedowns.

More grinding clinch work punctuated the second round, though this time Franca botched a takedown attempt and ended up with Bruno on top though didn’t do much with it. There was then another takedown and scramble for position which resulted in Franca taking Bruno’s back. He threatened with a rear-naked choke, but Bruno defended.

Bruno went on the offensive with punches in the opening 30 seconds of the final round, but was then back into the clinch battle. That paid off for him this time as he landed a takedown and briefly had Franca’s back. They got back upright and Bruno continued to try to be the aggressor, but eventually Franca was able to bring him to the mat, took his back and managed to sink in a fight-ending rear-naked choke with just 14 seconds left in the final round.

So, Franca gets a decisive finish rather than leaving it in the hands of the judges to become the new lightweight ‘Ultimate Fighter’ from TUF Brazil 4.