Renan Barao claimed the biggest win of his career tonight as a he defeated former No.1 bantamweight contender Scott Jorgensen comfortably over three rounds of action.

The first round was a good one for Barao. his snapping jab was keeping Jorgensen at bay and meanwhile his forceful leg kicks were landing repreatedly and he was mixing it up with some flashier ones at times too.

Perhaps most impressively however was how comfotably he was dealing with Jorgensen’s takedown attempts on multiple occasions, and that left his opponent struggling to find a way into the contest.

Barao continued to boss the stand-up battle in round two, snapping Jorgensen’s head back with his punches, land kicks to his lead leg and generally just looked the quicker of the two.

The Brazilian was also staying alert on the defensive end and stuffed more takedowns as Jorgensen really went all in to get him to the mat. Coming up empty-handed he then resorted to pulling guard, but couldn’t work anything from his back and by the end of the round they were upright again with Barao still getting the better of the action.

Jorgensen is no shrinking violet though and he took the center of the Octagon in the final round and tried to make something happen in the striking exchanges while Barao appeared to have slowed his own offensive output down a notch.

Despite his endevour Jorgensen wasn’t able to land anything particularly meaningful and Barao appeared to be cruising, only really letting rip with a few leg kicks in the final minute.

And so it was on to the judges who all saw it in Barao’s favor (30-27).

This was a big test for Barao and while he wasn’t able to come away with an impressive finish, the fact that he was able to completely shut down Jorgensen’s normally strong wrestling game was a big deal and he could well be on course for a title shot in 2012.