Jon Jones and Frank Mir are the toast of the MMA community for their performances at UFC 140, but amongst the plaudits there has also been some who have been critical – not of the way they fought, but rather their lack of sportsmanship afterwards.

Leading this movement is respected trainer and submission wrestling expert Erik Paulson who’s worked with the likes of Josh Barnett and Brock Lesnar in the past.

“A little bummed out to see Mir break Nogeras Arm and not check to see if he was ok after the Fight,” Paulson commented on his Facebook page after the event.

“Also to see Jones Drop Machita on his face after he knew that he was out! safety and Well being of your Brothers after you share sweat and blood. then don’t care about their well being. leaving a statement for the next generation of fighters that do it to you someday.”

He wasn’t the only one who noticed. In fact some fans noticed that after Jones victory a mic in the Octagon picked up his coach Greg Jackson just prior to his victory being announced urging him to, “Go check on Lyoto. Get some fans.”

Both fighters should be commended for their skills in the Octagon on the night, and you have to afford them some leeway given that both emotions and adrenaline runs high in these situations, but nevertheless I do think paulson is right to call for these great athletes to adhere to a higher standard of professionalism and respect for their fellow fighters post-fight.

Jones and Mir are intelligent men who usually carry themselves very well so I’m sure that on reflection they’ll regret not handling their respective situations differently.


  1. 1st: Emotions and adrenaline DO run high in this situation and when Jones lost the first round and then took control in the second I’m sure he felt justified in dropping Lyoto to the mat to make a statement. And I’m also sure looking back he realized how bad that made him look. He should have saved that attitude for Evans.

    2nd: Mir did nothing wrong. The guy was rocked and pulled off an amazing sub on the last guy you’d expect. How can you possibly say that it would have been all good if he walked over and tapped him on the leg and said “you ok?” then walked away, like so many do. Nog’s arm was just violently snapped in half. I’m sure the LAST thing he wanted to see was Mir’s face asking him how he’s doing.

    “Hey I just knocked you unconscious with my firsts and you pooped in your shorts a little… are you okay?”

    It almost seems worse when someone “checks” on their opponent when they clearly don’t mean it.

  2. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that second point Sly. The way I see it checking on an opponent after a fight, especially after a brutal injury like that, is always the right thing to do.

  3. Those two are douche …
    I kinda see why Mir got busted up by Lesnar and Carwin
    nothing personal but I like to see his face get smashed again
    Jones, “Go check on Lyoto. Get some fans.” Nah Jones won’t get me as his fan … this douche is fake
    someone will kicked his chicken legs soon

  4. man i thought i was the only one disturbed by jones’s actions, noguiera had plenty of time to tap, because he had never been submitted his ego took over and thats the way he chose to go out, Go Belfort!