At the weekend a rumor posted on one of the leading MMA sites suggested that former middleweight champion Rich Franklin was planning to retire after one last fight.

That rumor, which circulated after Franklin was defeated by Forrest Griffin at UFC 126 earlier this month, has now been debunked by Franklin himself via his Twitter account.

“Any website that has posted anything about me retiring has not spoken to me or my management…no truth to the matter!” Franklin stated.

“Just taking some time to chill,” he assured another concerned fan inquiring about the story.

Meanwhile, another rumor that Franklin may have broken his arm again in his fight has also proven to be false.

“Contrary to popular belief my left arm is not broken,” he confirms.

On a lighter note, prior to his fight with Griffin the two men had joked in their promos that the loser would have to get a tattoo, and if Franklin is to believed he’s going to follow through with the bet.

“I have an app to get my dragon tattoo tomorrow. Pics will follow,” he says.

Rest assured if and when those pictures become available, we’ll be posting them up on this site!