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Rich Franklin Gives An Update On His Broken Arm

Rich Franklin has given a video update on the current situation with his broken arm which occurred during his victory over Chuck Liddell this past weekend.

“What happened basically, Chuck kicked me in the arm, I have a broken ulna, which is the smaller bone in the forearm. It’s pretty much a clean break, I’ve been to the doctor a couple times, had x-rays and everything. And at this point and time they’re going to leave the cast on and let it heal. We’ll re-x-ray it in 3 weeks and if it’s healing straight then we’re good to go, if not, at that point and time we will look at possible surgery.”

So he may yet escape the need to have a metal plate and screws fitted as was originally feared. That would be good news for the former middleweight champion and could allow him to return to action earlier than was anticipated.

Watch the full update on his arm courtesy of below.

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