Riot Breaks Out In The Cage As Jason Mayhem Miller Calls Out Jake Shields

As Jake Shields was interviewed in the cage after his unanimous decision victory over Dan Henderson at Strikeforce: Nashville this evening, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller stepped in and interrupted to ask when he was getting his rematch.

This resulted in a riot breaking out in the cage as a number of Shields team-mates at Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, including Gilbert Melendez and the Diaz brothers, got involved.

Both Melendez (who had earlier defeated Shinya Aoki to defend his lightweight title) and Shields appeared to shove Miller, before Nick and Nate Diaz got involved and grappled him to the floor where punches and soccer kicks were thrown.

As fists continued to fly while Gus Johnson got on the mike to remind everyone that this was being broadcast on national television CBS were forced to cut to a commercial break. When they returned the incident was under control and the cage had been cleared. Jake Shields then went on to apologize for his part in the incident, stating it was out of character for him to do so but emotions had been running high after the fight.

After an underwhelming night of fights in which each of the three title fights went to the judges scorecards the dramatic conclusion certainly livened up the proceedings.

At the same time when the dust settles this may well be looked upon as a bad representation of the sport of mixed martial arts, especially considering it was broadcasting to millions on CBS.

Now Strikeforce officials will be under pressure to take action against those involved, and depending on the fallout that comes in the coming days, their crucial, yet vulnerable relationship with CBS may now be in jeopardy.

Posting on his twitter account after the incident ‘Mayhem’ Miller stated, ‘Whoops!’ while Strikeforce’s rival, UFC boss Dana White simply tweeted, ‘:-)’   Read a full list of post-event reactions to the incident here.

Between the two videos posted below you can pretty much see what went down for yourselves…


  1. It didn’t look like Sheilds was the one who really shoved him back. There was a bump with his arm, but it wasn’t what caused the fight. Regardless, it was tasteless all the way around.

  2. Mayhem was wrong to step in the ring, Shields is a champion and deserved to speak. However, that doesn’t justify the Diaz-Punk brothers and the entire Shields team jumping him. Funny thing is Mayhem wasn’t even damaged, unlike Nick Diaz when he crawled off crying after the Noons fight.


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