Robbie Lawler finished Adlan Amagove in style this evening at Strikeforce: Rockhold Vs Jardine with a flying knee to get back to winning ways in the 185lb division.

Things got off to an ominous start for Lawler in the early stages of the first round when he looked to exchange on the feet with his fellow striker and promptly found himself being dumped to the mat.

It seemed like a smart strategy from Amagov to attempt to use a ground based strategy against the heavy-hitting Lawler, but just as he was putting his gameplan into place he made a critical error, firing off an illegal knee to the head while his opponent was grounded.

That resulted in a stoppage and when Lawler was fit to continue Amagov was deducted a point for his actions.

Things went from bad to worse for Amagov when they began to trade again on the feet as Lawler out-of-the-blue opted to charge forward with a flying knee that appeared to just graze his opponent, but must have had a more significant impact as Amagov immediately crumpled to the mat.

Before he had a chance to regain his senses Lawler pounced and blasted of a few left hands that finished off the job and handed him a TKO victory with just 1.48mins on the clock.

Overall a job well done for Lawler against a potentially tricky opponent, proving once again that he’s a deadly fighter if you attempt to stand and trade with him for any length of time.