Roger Gracie To Continue Focusing On MMA Despite KO Loss

Roger Gracie suffered the first knockout loss of his five fight professional career on Saturday night at the hands of former Strikeforcce 205lb champion Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal, but that has not deterred him from continuing to fight.

After the event some had suggested that the 29 year-old would turn his back on the sport and return to his first love, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu where he is regarded as arguably the best in the world, but Gracie dismisses that notion in a new interview with TATAME.

“Losing is terrible. Nobody likes losing, especially being knocked out. But what can I do? I’ll train so it won’t happen again.”

Since the fight Gracie has had time to reflect upon it and feels that the KO came down to a mixture of bad luck and basic errors.

“When I heard Renzo (Gracie) saying there was a minute and a half left for the end of the first round, I relaxed. I didn’t have enough time to submit him nor take him down, he wasn’t punching me, so I thought I would keep it that way until the second round. That was the first mistake. The second was that he accidentally hit his head against mine, and I got dizzy. I moved backwards, he punched me and I felt. That head was practically an accidental knockout.”

Gracie is vastly experienced in BJJ competition, but he admits that this fight showed him that he still has a lot to learn when it comes to competing in MMA.

“The lesson is that in MMA you must be more aggressive and you can’t blink. When I let it go when I heard Renzo saying there was a minute and a half left, it was a fatal mistake. In Jiu-Jitsu you can be taken down, lose a point, but in MMA you can be knocked out.”


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