Rolles Gracie And Justin Buchholz Released From The UFC

It’s been almost a week since the UFC 109 event, but the aftershocks from the fights that night are still being felt.

The latest casualties are Rolles Gracie and Justin Buchholz, who will now join a lengthy list of fighters including Mark Coleman, Tim Hague, Frank Trigg and Phillipe Nover who all find themselves out of the UFC.

Despite appearing on the undercard, Rolles Gracie’s debut had been a talking point for weeks before the fight took place due to his famous surname and family background.

Unfortunately for him he could not match up to Royce Gracie’s spectacular debut back at UFC 1. Far from it in fact, as he went on to display less than stellar technique against Joey Beltran and then ran out of gas mid-way through the opening round.

“I understand the fans are disappointed,” the fighter told GracieMag the day after the fight.  “I appreciate all the support I received and I wanted to put on a good show. What can I say? It wasn’t my day. I mean, this is MMA, not golf. The fans are a different breed and when they are angry, they definitely let you know.”

Also receiving his marching orders was Justin Buchholz who put in a game, but ultimately unsuccessful performance against Mac Danzig in the prelims.

It marked his third defeat in a row in the octagon, and so it is unlikely to have been a major surprise to the 26 year old Alaskan when he heard that the UFC would not be retaining his services.

He leaves the promotion with a 1-4 record, 8-5 for his career to date.


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