Well folks, it’s official, ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey proved she is indeed the real deal as she submits Miesha Tate to become Strikeforce’s new 135lb champion.

Tate came out hard and fast from the opening bell with lefts and right and tagged Rousey a couple of times hard on the chin. Tate then appeared to look for a takedown, but Rousey reversed it very nicely as they fell to the ground.

Then she moved into side control, and just as in her previous four fights she looked for her now infamous armbar finish. Tate’s arm appeared to be at an impossible angle as she cranked on it and it seemed as if the fight was almost over, but the champion wasn’t giving up without a fight and she somehow managed to bear the pain and break free from the hold.

Getting back up to the feet it’s then Tate who looks to become the aggressor in the grappling, getting a hold of Rousey’s back and taking her to the mat.

Rousey gets back up, but she can’t shake Tate loose even when she attempts to drop down onto her. Finally Rousey does break free however, and after escaping another takedown attempt they reset and look to engage on the feet.

Tate looks to be a little more aggressive in the striking and she catches Rousey with a shot that forces her to take a step back, but she then retaliates by clinching up and launching Tate with a beautiful judo throw that lands her straight into side control.

Rousey then manages to take Tate’s back, flattens her out and rains down some blows, but Tate is still trying to fight her way free.

It’s at that moment that Rousey decides to go for the armbar yet again and she executes it perfectly and puts tremendous pressure on the limb and appears to dislocate it, forcing her to tap.

So Rousey is the new champion, and by the looks of things a very impressive one at that based on this performance which was equal parts textbook technique and raw savagery.

Remarkably she’s still never been out of the first round in her pro MMA career, and all five of her wins have come by armbar. Female MMA has just found it’s new superstar.

As for Tate, she certainly showed the heart of a champion and got further than anybody else in the cage with Rousey, and given there rivalry and the lack of genuine depth in the 135lb division it’s not out of the question that we’ll see a second meeting between them at some stage in the future.