Rory MacDonald Finishes Mike Pyle In The First Round At UFC 133

Rory MacDonald took less than a single round to finish a skilled veteran in Mike Pyle at UFC 133, proving that he is indeed one of the brightest young talents in the UFC at this moment in time.

In the early stages Pyle was doing some good work, getting MacDonald to the mat a couple of times, but on each occasion the youngster showed his well-rounded skills by quickly finding his way back to his feet.

After that he started taking the fight to Pyle, catching him with a right hand and then attempting a standing choke, though Pyle smartly rolls out of it onto his back.

MacDonald peppers him with a few leg kicks before jumping into his guard. He starts utilizing ground and pound and some blows are getting through and appear to have hurt Pyle who starts to turtle up as more offense comes his way in the form of elbows forcing the stoppage.

Excellent win for MacDonald who’s proving to be a multi-faceted fighter at just 22 years of age and is definitely a future star of the welterweight division.


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