It was evident to anyone watching Roy Nelson’s sub-par performance against Frank Mir at the weekend that the time has come for changes in his training camp, and after having watched the fight back it seems that ‘Big Country’ agrees.

“Its time 4 Roy 1.1 learned a lot last night just watched the fight look like sh!t,” he told his fans on Twitter a day after the fight.

“Loss was simple, gassed from moving all the weight around physically I was just out gunned But always trying 2 win.”

It’ll be interesting to see exactly what changes will constitute ‘Roy 1.1’ in his mind though. On Twitter he claims that the main change he needs to make is to develop a strength and conditioning program and work on his wrestling.

What he doesn’t mention is going on a diet, which is what everyone else appears to have concluded should be his number one priority.

That includes Dana White who is set to have a meeting with the TUF 10 winner on Friday where it’s expected he’ll ask the 260lb fighter to drop to 240lbs if he wants to continue to fight in the promotion.

If he does agree to do that then it appears he may already have the perfect person waiting in the wings to help him achieve it. MMAWeekly reports that respected dietician and former TUF fighter Mike Dolce spoke with Nelson at UFC 130 about helping him with his diet, though they haven’t yet agreed to work together.

Dolce has already worked wonders with fighters struggling with their weight such as Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson and Thiago Alves though, and is only too aware of Nelson’s circumstances having once weighed 280lbs himself despite only being 5ft 9″.

Currently tipping the scales at 188lbs, Dolce believes he can melt the pounds of ‘Big Country’ if the 30 year-old is willing to work with him.