For some time now UFC legend Royce Gracie has been pitching the idea of him coming back to the UFC at the age of 44 for one last fight at the UFC 134: Rio fight card in August.

There’s only one problem – so far UFC president Dana White has appeared to shoot down the idea of the UFC 1 champion competing again inside the Octagon.

That appears not to have deterred the fighter however, and it’s emerged earlier today that Gracie is in Toronto ahead of the historic UFC 129 event which takes place this Saturday night, and has asked to speak to White in order to plead for a place on the Rio fight card. It’s believed that Gracie has an ambition to have a rematch with Matt Hughes, believing that he did not give a good account of himself when they first met for a one-sided beating at UFC 60 back in 2006.

Interestingly, though they’ve not spoken yet, the very fact that Gracie is so determined to compete appears to have at least partially won over White who has now indicated he might be receptive to what he has to say.

Watch below as Ariel Helwani speaks to Gracie following today’s UFC 129 pre-fight press conference bout his prospects of fighting again in the UFC.