Scott Coker Discusses Overeem Vs Fedor, M-1 Global And Arlovski

Scott Coker was in a considerably brighter mood after last night’s Strikeforce: Heavy Artillery event than he was a month ago after the Nashville event.

“Very happy,” was his verdict of the show in a post-event interview with’s Ariel Helwani, “and I think that the people who came here and the people that watched on Showtime definitely got their money’s worth.”

The main reason for the change in mood was the triumphant return of Alistair Overeem who left everyone in no doubt as to why he’s the Strikeforce’s heavyweight champion in the main event of the evening.

“I was really impressed with Alistair Overeem who pretty much dominated Brett Rogers, which I was surprised that he would be able to dominate Brett in that fashion.”

After his win Overeem was quick to call out Fedor Emelianenko and that’s a fight Coker would like to see happen.

“He’s shown that he is the guy to beat, I think, and I think he’s the guy…that if Fedor beats Fabricio [Werdum], we’ll sit down with M-1 [Global] and we’ll have a serious conversation about that fight happening because I think the fans will want to see it.”

It must have been a satisfying moment for Coker to watch Overeem perform so well considering that he had waited patiently for the fighter he last night described as, “the prodigical son,” to return to the Strikeforce cage to defend his title.

“I’m glad that we waited for him, and for the American public to see him on Showtime, or at the live event here tonight. I think that it’s pretty impressive.  I mean you’ve been around a long time Ariel, that’s a pretty impressive performance.”

One question that remains after the fight however is whether Strikeforce and Fedor’s management M-1 Global can sit down and make the Overeem Vs Fedor fight become a reality.

“I feel that we’ll have a good shot to do it, and I think that it’s a fight that should happen.  When you talk about Strikeforce, I think that we’ve always tried to bring the fights that people would want to see, and that’s a fight we’ll work really hard to try to put together.”

He admitted that the fight was not guaranteed to happen however.

“Can I guarantee it – absolutely not.  It’s a fight that we’ll sit down with M-1 after the next fight with Fedor and we’ll have that conversation with M-1.

What he could guarantee though was that Overeem would fight for the promotion again in 2010.

“Yes, absolutely – 100%,” he confirmed without hesitation.

Moving on, Coker had positive words to say about other winners on the night such as Feijao and Jacare and Roger Gracie, and he also spent time discussing former UFC champion Andrei Arlovski’s third consecutive loss.

“Andrei…he’ll be back. He’s not going to end like that.  I know he’ll be back,” was his gut feeling on the fighter, and he went on to suggest that Arlovski needed to take a step back and re-evaluate his situation.

Watch Scott Cokers full interview with Ariel Helwani below.


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