Sean O’Connell earned a quick finish against Anthony Perosh tonight at UFC Fight Night 65, pouring on the offense early until the ref stepped in to save ‘The Hippo’ from further punishment.

Round One:

Perosh with a front kick attempt to the body that misses and he almost pays with a counter from O’Connell.

O’Connell with a leg kick. Now O’Connell unleashes a barrage of blows and Perosh doesn’t look particularly comfortable under fire here.

A brief respite for Perosh as O’Connell backs off, but he’s soon at it again with another onslaught of left and right hands. Perosh with his back against the cage and his legs buckle a couple of times as some of these punches get through. Perosh staggering again, but staying on his feet in a defensive shell.

He’s eating a lot of shots though and the ref thinks he’s had enough and calls an end to the fight with just 56 seconds on the clock. Perosh complains and perhaps it could have gone on slightly longer, but it’s doubtful the outcome would have been any different.