Seems We Were Right, Gina Carano’s Voice Was Dubbed For Haywire

Way back in July of 2011 a trailer for MMA star Gina Carano’s forthcoming movie ‘Haywire’ emerged and at the time we reported on it and commented that it sounded like she her voice had been dubbed over.

Fast forward to the present day, and with the movie finally set to come out on January 20th in the cinema it appears that the mainstream media have finally twigged to this fact as well.

TMZ are now reporting that, according to sources close to the production, “The folks behind the movie didn’t like the way Carano sounded when they filmed the flick … so they changed it in post.  It’s unclear if they used fancy electronics to alter Gina’s vocal quality, or whether they dubbed in another female voice.”

Better news for Carano is that so far the film has been positively received by critics, with Carano’s fighting skills and on-screen presence, which let’s face it were the main reasons she was hired in the first place, being praised.

With Carano not willing to comment on her future right now it could well be that the success of the movie dictates whether we see her back in the cage again or not.

Following the news that Cris ‘Cyborg’ Santos,  the only woman to have defeated Carano in her MMA career, has since tested positive for steroids and is now suspended for a year, there has been speculation that might encourage her to return to the division in  2012.

Want to hear for yourselves whether Carano’s voice was dubbed or not?  The first five minutes of the film has now been made available so you be the judge…

Haywire: The First Five Minutes

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