Sergei Kharitonov Puts Aleks Emelianenko On Blast For Latest Comments

Strikeforce heavyweight GP semi-finalist Sergei Kharitonov has put Fedor Emelianenko’s brother Aleksander on blast after the outspoken fighter pinned the blame on his brother’s coaches for ‘The last Emperor’s’ recent three-fight losing streak.

Apparently Kharitonov holds little regard for his fellow Russian and has warned that his opinion cannot be trusted.

“He is likely to give that interview being drunk and drugged-out,” Kharitonov told Valetudo.Ru. “You can see it by his voice in his interview about Fedor’s trainers – he was inadequate. He’s gonna be 30 in 2 days, this error was born on August 2nd, day of airborne troops, my holiday. And he is still living from one drunken feast to another, from one scuffle to another. He must be missing the jail.”

Unlike his brother, Aleksander Emelianenko has been better known for his criminal exploits outside of the cage throughout his career and according to Kharitonov who has trained with the brothers, many of those rumors are true.

“Alex is a drunker, he is always brawling. Normal man like me or Fedor would never drink to alcoholic mania and fight in the street. But I often hear about Alex getting into scrape like this in different corners of our country. He rampages, harasses the waitresses and other girls, lies, cries on every corner that he is a champion of the world and the strongest man on Earth. I guess, this is some kind of a drug effect.”

Kharitonov also claims that, despite denials from the fighter himself, Emelianenko does have Hepatitis C, is a criminal and did spend time in jail (though to be fair the latter claim has previously been well documented).

He also paints a bleak picture of the 30 year-old’s current situation.

“I know that for the present moment Alex doesn’t have neither house nor home. He has spend everything on drink. He doesn’t have a flat, doesn’t have a car. And the only way to make some money for him is to give a scandalous interview and to attract some attention to his person. He is ready for everything to get the bout. He even came to Fedor’s camp with the hope that Fedor would help him to organize a fight somewhere. But he is washed-up.”

So it’s fair to say that Kharitonov has slung a large degree of mud at Emelianenko here, and it’ll be interesting to see how the often volatile fighter responds.

Kharitonov is currently preparing for his next fight with Josh Barnett in the semi-finals of the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP. Meanwhile there’s no word on if or when Aleksander will compete again. In recent years his appearances have been confined to small scale promotions in Russia and Azerbaijan, fueling rumors that he does have a medical issue preventing him from fighting at a higher level overseas.

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