Shane Carwin Congratulates Brock Lesnar On His Win

In his second written statement since his losing to Brock Lesnar on Saturday night, Shane Carwin posted on the popular UG forum to congratulate the champion on successfully defending his title.

Read his full message below.

“Congrats to Brock.  He showed the heart of a Champion last night. Most men would fold under that kind of pressure.

I really appreciate all the support and messages. I am honored to have had the chance to fight for the belt and will be working my ass off to get another shot.

There are a lot of deserving fighters out there and now it is Cain’s turn to see what he can do. I will be back in the mix soon enough.

As for my health, I am good. My body began to seize up towards the end of the 1st and it was totally locked up in between rounds. I told my Coaches I could not move my legs. I have never felt like that before in my life. I had to answer the bell so I did what I could do and went out like any warrior would do and tried to fight through it.

Being a Champion is about living and fighting through adversity. Brock Lesnar has done jsut that, not only in coming back to submit me but throughout his medical struggles too. I hope I can earn another shot someday.

For me I am going to do a signing today and then head home to be with my family and spend a little quality time on the lakes in my Malibu Boat. It has been a long camp and a even longer set of camps waiting for this fight. I need a rest.

Thank you to my coaches, sponsors and manager for everything you have done and continue to do for me. You guys have made this a fun journey and one I would travel anytime.

My goal is to win the UFC Heavyweight Title, I want to be the best fighter on the planet. I will be working hard and doing everything I need to do to earn that title.

For now I will settle for loving father, husband and loyal friend…



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