Shane Carwin Excited To Showcase Improvements At UFC 125

After coming agonizingly close to finishing Brock Lesnar and claiming the UFC heavyweight title, Shane Carwin will now step back into the octagon at UFC 125 ready to prove himself all over again.

As yet Carwin’s opponent has not been officially named, but in his latest blog post he drops a few hints.

“My opponent is extremely durable and tested and I am honored to fight with him. We are both better than each other at certain aspects of the game. It should be a great fight.”

It’s been widely anticipated that Roy Nelson is that man, and he certainly fits the description, though there remains questions regarding whether the TUF 10 champion will have had time to recovery fully from recent knee surgery for the January 1st event.

It should be noted that in the last 24 hours a rumor has emerged that Junior Dos Santos may in fact be his opponent.

I would take that with a pinch of salt given that Dana White has already installed the Brazilian as next in line for a title shot, but certainly this is a fight the fans would pay to see if it does somehow end up becoming a reality.

Whoever his opponent may be, Carwin believes that they will see a new and improved version of him at the New Year show.

“I am pretty excited about this fight. I have been working hard on improving my overall game. That is the great thing about MMA, it is nearly impossible to master. I will be using Jon Chamberg for my strength and conditioning program. Jon is one of the best out there.”

A major issue resulting from his last fight was his cardio, with Carwin blaming a severe build-up of ‘lactic acidosis’ for his performance, or lack thereof, in the second round before being submitted.

He vowed to find an answer for that problem, and it seems he’s pinpointed one area that could bring about significant improvements.

“…I am focusing on my diet. Trying to eat organic and healthy food. I have a a real issue with my diet and most doctors I spoke with pointed at the diet as the issue. What can I say I love pizza!”

Over two months since Carwin’s showdown with Lesnar in Las Vegas¬† it seems that he’s now more than ready to channel his thoughts into a new opponent and beginning rebuilding a path back to the top of the 265lb ladder.

“I have been needing a fight to focus on. It makes training with guys like Nate and Brendan more bearable. At least you have a reason for getting your head pounded on,” he jokes.¬†


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