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Shane Carwin Explains Why He Was Hospitalized After UFC 116

At the post-fight press conference for UFC 116 Dana White noted that Shane Carwin had been taken to hospital after his fight with Brock Lesnar.

Until now the exact reasoning for that was unclear, but the fighter himself spoke to MMAweekly Radio on Monday and explained what happened.

When I was walking back to the corner and Coach Wittman came out, and I sat down on the stool and I looked over at him, I think he knew something was wrong,” he explains. “I told him I was like ‘my legs are seizing up coach’ and you can probably see I was shaking my head.”

The reason for this is believed to be a severe lactic acidosis build-up brought on by his over-exertion while trying to finish Lesnar in the opening round.  That made him leaden footed heading into the second round, but Carwin reveals that the full extent of the problem didn’t manifest itself until after after the fight.

The hard part was actually walking back to the locker room.  I just felt like I was going to collapse. By the time I got back there they put me on my back, my blood pressure was out of control, my heart rate was extremely out of control, and it never came back down, and I basically started hyperventilating almost right there.”

Carwin was then taken to hospital but after being given a check-up he was later released.

He has now vowed to learn from his mistakes and mount a new bid for the title, fully believing that he still has what it takes to beat the champion.

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