Shane Carwin Hospitalized After Loss To Brock Lesnar

At the post-fight press conference for UFC 116 Dana White noted that Shane Carwin, who had come up short in his attempt to take the heavyweight title from Brock Lesnar, had been taken to hospital.

That seemed somewhat surprising considering he had in fact dished out far more punishment in the opening round than he had received in the second – eventually succumbing to an arm triangle choke.  The mild-mannered fighter showed no immediate signs of major damage in his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, appearing lucid, though undoubtedly downhearted at the result.

Thankfully when asked White revealed that it was, “nothing serious.” According to the UFC president it looked like the fighter was fatigued more than anything, though he also added that the 35 year-old, who had just suffered his first ever loss in the sport, was “emotional” backstage and had been “hyperventilating”.

Later Carwin himself posted on his twitter account to reassure fans that he was ok.

“I am fine just getting checked out at the hospital. Ill be back…,” he wrote.

It was undoubtedly a tough a loss for Carwin who had come extremely close to finishing the fight in the opening stanza.  His endeavors to add Brock Lesnar to the twelve other opponents who had succumbed to him in the opening round partly proved to be his undoing in the end as he appeared notably more lethargic in the second round.

Like Lesnar, Carwin is still on a learning curve at this stage of his career though, and there’s every chance that he will work his way back up to a rematch with the champion in the future.

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  1. Lesnar is a beast and definetly the champ. This was one of the best fights I have seen in a long time. They can say whatever they want about Lesnar and the fake wresdtling but,in that cage he is as real as it gets. He doesn’t feel any of the outside pressure or the hype thanks to his fake wrestling career. This guy is the champ and in my oppinion his toughest fight was Carwin. This is his world and we should be grateful that we get to watch an athelete of his stature perform at the level he does. This PPV was well worth the money. Not one boring or bad fight all night. Leben, Bonnar, Lesnar keep it up Dana White this is excactly what your fans want.

  2. Definitely a very exciting fight and the icing on the cake for a terrific card all-round.

    I’m just happy for Lesnar that he’s been able to bounce back from his illness. You can tell from the way he and those close to him speak about it that it really is amazing that he’s even able to step into the cage again, never mind emerge as the winner in a hard-fought battle.


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