Shane Carwin Interview On ESPN SportsCenter

As they did with the recent UFC 114: Rampage Vs Evans event, ESPN have again been on hand to bring the headliners of UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin on to the SportsCenter show to talk about their upcoming fight.

On this occasion it was Shane Carwin who stepped into the spotlight to discuss why he’s the man to beat the heavyweight champion.

The most interesting part of the interview was when host Josh Eliot noted that Carwin had been a highly regarded linebacker during his time at Western State College.

“Our Mel Kiper had you as the 16th best linebacker in the class,” Eliot revealed. “He said because of your size, exceptional strength and physical style, you basically just splatter guards in the box. How is it that you ended up in the UFC instead of the NFL?”

“I think that statement says it all right there,” Carwin replies. “I was physical, I loved to hit, and those are great attributes of a great linebacker. I was fortunate enough to carry it over into the UFC.”

As for a prediction on how the fight will end, Carwin states,“you’re going to see Brock Lesnar knocked out on the canvas.”

Watch the full interview with Carwin on ESPN SportsCenter below.


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