Shane Carwin Shares His Thoughts On Brock Lesnar’s New Health Issues

The news that Brock lesnar is currently experiencing serious health problems has been the major talking point with MMA fans in the past 24 hours, and the man that was scheduled to fight him next, Shane Carwin, has been given his own thoughts on the latest developments in the story via his twitter account.

On first hearing the news he responded, “I hope that is not true, our bout aside I do not wish that on anyone. Hope he get’s well soon.”

Later after having time to reflect on the matter he posted again. “Can’t seem to get Brock’s situation out of my mind. My thoughts & prayers are with him and his family……. /I am with you.”

Earlier he had given his own thoughts on whether the UFC should strip Lesnar of his title if he isn’t able to recover in the near future.

“C’mon no way the(y) strip a guy of his title for being ill. They may have an interim title fight but Brock deserves to heal,” he said.

As for rumors that he may replace Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (who pulled out due to a staph infection) against Cain Velasquez at UFC 108 in January, Carwin confirmed that he is himself currently healing from an injury and won’t be available.

“For the record I am not going to be ready for UFC 108. I am rehabbing my MCL. Would love to fight ASAP.”

He also revealed that it is a Grade 2 MCL strain he is recovering from and that he won’t be ready to fight again until February at the earliest.



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