Shane Carwin Vs Frank Mir Confirmed For Interim Title Belt At UFC 111

The UFC today officially announced details of the UFC 111 event which will take place on March 27th In New Jersey.

As expected the headline bout is the welterweight title bout between Georges St.Pierre and Dan Hardy.  Along with this the UFC have now confirmed that the clash between Shane Carwin and Frank Mir will be for the interim heavyweight title.

“It’s an honor to not only fight for the interim UFC heavyweight title, but to do so against a respected former champion like Frank Mir,” Carwin says on the UFC site.

The news is set to bring renewed concerns over Brock Lesnar’s health. At the weekend Dana White had told reporters that they were holding off on making a decision over the future of the heavyweight division until they received an update on how long Lesnar is likely to be out of action.  That information was expected to be discovered this week as the current champion was expected to undergo a full check-up from one of the countries top doctors.

White had stated that if the news was good then Lesnar could potentially fight in just a few months, but with today’s announcement that the heavyweight division is now going to feature an interim title, that option now seems unlikely.

The worst case scenario for the champ would be major surgery which could require up to two years on the sidelines, or even an end to his career.

At this stage it is all speculation of course, and there may be another reason why the UFC have come to this decision.  We will keep you updated on the situation as and when we discover more information.


  1. Shane Carwin knocked out Frank Mir 1st round as i predicted. Man oh man i thought Frank Mir had this fight apparently he got beaten worse by carwin than lesnar. Damn i just finished watching this fight and shocked, i think Lesnar is in trouble i mean deep ass trouble carwin is gonna prob his ass out aswell. Shit man wasn’t expecting the out come.

  2. even though i predicted the outcome wasn’t expecting to see it actually happen, so i guess u can say im suprised of the outcome. Watch out Brock. And Carwin watch out for Fedor hahaha

  3. I knew Shane Carwin was gonna win 1st round knockout but honetly wasn’t expecting it to actually go down that way. So yeah i just finished watching the fight, Carwin pushes Frank mir against the cage Ref breaks them up, same thing happens again and than Carwin with flurry hard punches drops Mir and finishes him. Am i shocked? Yes. It tells me that Brock Lesnar is in deep trouble since Carwin seemed to have less trouble destroying Frank than Brock had. All i can say Brock needs to watch out for his upcoming bout with Carwin, especially he just started to settle in after his life threatening illness. Reality is if Carwin defeats Lesnar the Dream match everyone was hoping for Fedor vs Lesnar is going to slip, and i doubt Shane is going to want to take on the Great Fedor. As he did admit fedor being the best P4P fighter and only having a lucky punchers chance.

  4. Lesnar Vs Carwin will be very interesting. I think Lesnar will be the bigger / stronger of the two and will perhaps have the edge in the wrestling department, but Carwin appears to be the more powerful puncher. Lesnar’s layoff due to his illness may well play a factor in the result of the fight.

    It’s definitely a fight to look forward to in the summer.


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