Sherdog.Com Has It’s UFC Credentials Pulled

The world’s largest independent MMA site yesterday had it’s UFC credentials pulled by the promotion. The credentials give the site access to the UFC’s events as a member of the media.

According to’s Josh Gross, who was once the executive editor for the site, the UFC described it as an “executive decision.”

It’s not the first time this has happened to the site. Bad blood between Dana White and Sherdog in the past led to almost four years of being black-listed by the promotion between 2005 and 2009 before the UFC gave them buried the hatchet and re-credentialed them in the summer of last year.

So what is the reason for the latest falling out?

While their is no official word at this time my guess would be that it relates to a new DVD release by former UFC fighter Matt Lindland titled ‘Fighting Politics.’

The film was officially released this month, and in amongst a host of other interviews several current or former staff at Sherdog, namely Jeff Sherwood, Loretta Hunt, and Josh Gross, make some less than glowing remarks about the UFC president Dana White.

It should be kept in mind that the interviews appear to have been recorded quite some time ago while bad blood still existed between the promotion and the popular website.

Therefore the remarks are taken somewhat out of context since the two parties had since ‘made up.’

Unfortunately for the site it appears that the release of the DVD has re-opened old wounds and they are now once again without access to the world’s leading MMA promotion.

It’s an interesting move by the UFC considering that Sherdog are currently affiliated with as their MMA news provider.  The UFC are also connected with ESPN as their television partner in the UK.

See for yourself the comments that I believe have caused the current situation to arise for yourselves below…

Jeff Sherwood:

Loretta Hunt:

Josh Gross:


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