Six Weeks Of Stacked MMA Action Has Arrived

We’ll be doing a full breakdown of June’s big MMA action in our regular monthly feature in the coming days, but for now it’s worth taking just a moment to point out how action-packed the next six weeks or so are going to be, starting from this weekend.

After a relatively quiet period aside from a couple of biggies like Strikeforce: Diaz Vs Daley and UFC 129 all the major promotions are about to get into full stride as the summer approaches.

This weekend alone there’s UFC 130 and DREAM: Fight For Japan, while June will bring three UFC events plus the second set of quarter-finals from the Strikeforce Heavyweight GP and Bellator beginning their fifth season at the end of the month.

So enjoy your free time while you’ve got it, and stay tuned to for coverage of all the pre, during and post-fight coverage from the shows.


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