Sokoudjou Vs Houston Alexander & McFedries Vs Villasenor Added To Shark Fights 13

In recent months we’ve seen a few up and coming promotions like Moosin, Shine Fights and most recently Impact FC looking to put together a strong card on pay-per-view.

The latest to do so is Shark Fights, and they may well be putting together the most interesting card of the bunch.

We recently reported that the promotion’s Shark Fights 13 event is set to feature a headline attraction between recently released UFC fighter Keith Jardine and Strikeforce’s Trevor Prangley.

Making good on their promise to provide more stars on the same card they have now announced that yet more former UFC fighters are also set to compete on the September 11th event in Amarillo, Texas.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou has signed to face the heavy handed Houston Alexander, while Drew McFedries will battle Strikeforce’s Joey Villasenor.

So it looks like this is shaping up to be a fun card, and another interesting detour from the major promotions offerings.


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